Course Curriculum Development.

One of the Top Universities in India that had operations across south Asia pacific and Europe approached for developing a specialization course for college graduates in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning – AiML

This course curriculum is to be planned for 4 years and across 8 semesters (6 months each) and will be pure classroom: Instructor led-training (ILT).


The scope of the delivery includes the creation of the 4 years course curriculum, SMEs and Core Author procurement, Live labs, Study materials, Instructor training, Marketing materials for the university, Course promo videos, and a feedback mechanism.

  • Strategy

    Course Curriculum Design, SMEs inputs.

  • Design

    HLD, LLD, Instructional Design, Feedback process.

  • Production

    Media Development, Graphics and Videos, etc.

  • Platforms

    LMS, LCMS, Articulate Storyline, Adobe, GDocs, MSOffice, Jira.


We need practitioner-level SMEs and not just regular academic personnel.

We personally wanted to curate the course at a practitioner level instead of regular academic personnel. Practitioners will have more real-time knowledge of the subject. 

So, choosing the right practitioner who can understand things from a student’s perspective and apply their existing knowledge was a big challenge for us.


We started with developing one full-time course for this partner and today we have already delivered 8 courses.

Creating the RIGHT technical course in today’s world will need lots of expertise from the subject, research, teaching aspect, delivery, platform, security of the content, and constant upgradation. We from the Alphabet factory created a successful working model on each and every element needed for developing a course.

We had an in-house pole of SMEs for almost every subject vertical and a team of +120 content curators like Instructional designers, graphic designers, animators, and technology developers who are well versed in Edutech and academic programs.

eLearning service alphabet factory

Our Expert Panel:


Aparna Chugh
Director Content Strategy.

Kalyan Gali
Director Delivery & Research.

Saritha Oberoi
VP – Program Management.

Instructional Design

Priyanshu Chatterjee
HOD – Content

Stacey Grey
Research & Innovations.

Ravi Chandra
VP – Instructional Design.

Pooja Pahwa
VP – Instructional Design.


Vivek Pandey
HOD- Media

Akhil D Manu
Production Head

Rohin Grover
Platform Head

Ashraf Siddiqui
Quality Head


Awesome it is! Right?

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