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Our Instructor-led training (ILT) development service is a professional service that involves the creation and delivery of training programs for Universities, Colleges, K-12s, corporates, and organizations.

Our ILT development services typically involve in the following steps


Skill gap Assessment.

The first step is to determine the learning needs of the target audience. This involves analyzing the knowledge and skills gaps that exist and identifying the learning objectives that need to be achieved.


Curriculum Design.

Based on the skill gap assessment, our L&D team will design a curriculum that includes the learning objectives, instructional strategies, assessment methods, and materials required for the training.


Content Development.

Our product development team which consists of the SMEs, core authors, and Instructional designers will create the training content based on the curriculum design. This includes written materials, presentations, activities, labs, assessments, job cards, printable course books, etc.


Instructor Training (TTT).

Our ILT development service also include providing training for instructors who will deliver the training. This is called Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program. This can include training on the content, delivery methods, and assessment techniques.


Multimedia Development.

Our expert media specialists create print content based on the storyboards provided by the instructional design team. This includes the creation of graphics, presentations, course books, epubs, etc.


Launch & Delivery.

Once the training materials and instructors are ready, the ILT development service will deliver the training to the target audience. This can be done through a variety of delivery methods, including classroom delivery, LMS access, mobile learning, or blended learning.


Evaluation & Maintenance.

Once the training started, our ILT R&D team will evaluate the effectiveness of the training. This can involve gathering feedback from learners, assessing learning outcomes, and identifying areas for improvement.

In a nutshell our ILT development services provide a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to develop and deliver effective training programs.

By partnering with Alphabet Factory®, we can ensure organizations that their training programs are tailored to the needs of their learners and designed to achieve their learning objectives.

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