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Our team has extensive expertise in eLearning and classroom Localization, having worked on over 1600 hours of content across 21 languages. We offer a complete turnkey solution, starting from the creation of the English master and extending to the production of its corresponding versions in 21 global languages.

We can help you convert your content for CL, EL, VILT, and Blended Learning, as well as support resources into multiple languages. We can regionalize them too – with region-specific graphics, case studies, case scenarios, relevant examples, etc.
Alphabet factory translation practice ensures low turnaround production times. All our translators and voice-over artists are region-specific and native speakers. As a best practice, we include linguistic reviews of the translated courses by peer reviewers. For rapid integration, we convert XMLs to word format, translate them, and integrate them back into XMLs.

We can help you at multiple levels and our development process typically involves the best practices like:



Once the project team is assigned to the project, our project manager will share insights on how to plan the delivery milestones for your translations on the course.


Evaluate Must-haves stages.

During the course of development, we identify the must-haves for each stage from estimation, pre-planning, and production of the master course (English) to translation, audio recording, integration, and development of translation courses. This will help execute the project successfully and avoid last-minute surprises.


Region-friendly Content.

We will assist you in suggesting and then creating regional variants of your classroom, VLT, Blended, or eLearning courses, which make the content more relevant to your end users.


Robust Review Mechanism.

We ensure every content bit is reviewed and evaluated by regional and local SMEs who can understand both the subject and the language.


Voice-overs Pre-approvals.

We will provide you with a library of voice-overs for every language in which you can shortlist and finalize translators before production.

At Alphabet factory, we develop two types of curriculum models: the product model and the process model

Alphabet Factory® Translation service is considered the fastest and least expensive service provider in the Indian subcontinent. We are fortunate to deliver 300+ hours of learning content in different languages.

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