How the new era of edtech is transforming student’s life?

Every iota of how GenZ functions have changed and shaped with the emergence of technology, especially since digitalization. Smart classrooms, online classes and study support, educational applications and google! No more it’s just about learning online but also learning how the online world works. Digitalization of Education has dimensions (a) making education convenient and global, as well as (b) open gateways for students to deflect from the traditionalist career paths and choices. Talking about ease and accessibility:

  1. Ed-tech bulges towards customizing knowledge that is way off uniform approach. Students can have the liberty of opting for the pace and way they are learning now with so many interactive techniques.
  2. The old ways are obsolete now. To move with the agile and supersonic world, the seeds should be sown, right in the formative years. With early interaction, introduction, and familiarity with the tech, more sharp and swift children will be as grown-up professionals.
  3. Time is money and digitalization sure is saving a lot of it. With “anytime and anywhere” availability, one can learn and grow from any place and pick anything they like to learn.

While technology is changing the mode of learning, it is also pushing school students to think out of the box, even to break the box, if it is limiting their ambitions. The idea of a Professional has transformed as well. The basic skills expected out of a person applying for a job is more than just typing speed and managerial skills. Students now need to be Digi-Smart and Industry-Smart, both at the same time. As one of them is about having knowledge of your work domain, the other expects you to be adept and agile when it comes to operating as an individual.

Business taking a digital turn, it’s a good thing that the education system has disciplines making children ready evolved and highly skilled adults. But when we talk about students in the present education system breaking the norms of learning, it is also opening up new opportunities on the work front. Graphic designing, illustrators, content creators, website designing, and more, the digital work ecosystem is a whole new emerging domain. 

Opportunities are sky-rocketing in this present era. Pathways of exciting career opportunities lie ahead with digital innovations in learning are opening up. With school students being ready early on, induction into the new norm can be very fruitful. Not to forget, this diversification also tells us those already trodden ways to make a living shouldn’t be imposed on children, the freewill and aptitude must be the force behind any decision.

In the end, just like when computers came, every working professional with computer knowledge had an edge. Similarly, the digital skillset induced in the learning curriculum will nurture students for a world wherein all this will come in handy and make them holistic professionals.

“And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.”– Jared Newman


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