Linguistic Translations for Technical Content.

Recently, Alphabet Factory was tasked with translating technical content into four distinct languages: Polish, German, Japanese, and Latin. The client, a global organisation, provided the content in English, and it was our responsibility to provide translations of the technical content that accurately conveyed it to the intended audience.


The content was a technical document, which necessitated an in-depth knowledge of the subject to ensure an accurate translation. In addition, the target audience was geographically dispersed, so it was essential that the translations were culturally appropriate.

  • Strategy

    Course Curation, SMEs inputs.

  • Design

    Instructional Design, Feedback process.

  • Production

    Media Development

  • Platforms

    LMS Edio Updates, LCMS


The technical complexity of the content necessitated the use of subject matter specialists in each target language.

The complexity of the document’s technical language posed the greatest challenge. To ensure that the translations were accurate and conveyed the intended meaning, it was necessary to appoint subject-matter experts who spoke the target language natively.

Still another difficulty was ensuring cultural relevance across all four languages. The target audience had different traditions and customs, so we had to ensure that the translations were both accurate and culturally appropriate.


Alphabet Factory provided high-quality translations in all four languages. They solved the problems and provided accurate and culturally appropriate translations.

We employed native-speaking translators with technical knowledge and investigated the cultural compatibility of each language. They encompassed the language, culture, and traditions of the target audience. We accomplished the deadline with translations of superior quality in four languages.

Customers enjoyed our accurate, culturally suitable translations. Our translation services produced a high-quality product that accurately conveyed technical content to its intended audience. Our adept translators, extensive study, and cutting-edge technologies enabled us to overcome challenges and please the client.


Our Expert Panel:


Aparna Chugh
Director Content Strategy.

Kalyan Gali
Director Delivery & Research.

Saritha Oberoi
VP – Program Management.

Instructional Design

Priyanshu Chatterjee
HOD – Content

Stacey Grey
Research & Innovations.

Ravi Chandra
VP – Instructional Design.

Pooja Pahwa
VP – Instructional Design.


Vivek Pandey
HOD- Media

Akhil D Manu
Production Head

Rohin Grover
Platform Head

Ashraf Siddiqui
Quality Head


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